Surfing a highline at 75kph

Check out the Flying Frenchies slicing through the air on a 600m-high highline, reaching speeds of up to 75kph zipline-style before using their BASE-jumping skills to dismount with impressive grace and style. Who’s up next?

Skiers conquer the Tsirku Glacier

Tsirku is a three-part big-mountain adventure ski series from Sherpas Cinema and The North Face. It features snowboarder Ralph Backstrom and skiers Hadley Hammer and Sam Anthamatten, professional North Face athletes who set out to tackle the fabled Corrugated spine lines of the Tsirku Glacier. Located deep in the Saint Elias mountains where Alaska, British…

Moonlit mountain biking

“Riding at speed through the moonlit night is a whole different animal from the daylight… Sure, the lights make it a little easier, but everything just comes at you a lot quicker!” -Enduro World Series 39th-ranked rider Cody Kelley Check out Cody Kelley prepping for the Enduro World Series, riding under Utah’s beautiful night sky.

Nigel Sylvester and his BMX hit LA

Pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester presents the second installment of his series, Go! Moving on from New York City to Los Angeles, Nigel gives a true, up close and personal experience of what riding his bike is really like.

How’s this for a bike-friendly office space?

SRAM Headquarters was captured in action over the course of one day with employees providing their perspective on their new Perkins+Will designed workplace. This is “One Day at SRAM” – their space, their story.

Skiers turn Boston streets into urban playground

While most Massachusetts residents were busy digging themselves out from the 68 inches of snow that fell in February of 2015, the athletes at Teton Gravity Research (TGR) were turning the streets of Boston into their own urban playground.

Is this the best ski video of 2015?

Olympic halfpipe bronze medallist Kevin Rolland and freeride skier Julien Regnier race all over La Plagne, France, in their latest movie short “Fast Forward” shot by filmmaker Mathias Lopez and also starring members of the French Alpine Ski Team.

Mountain biking on a SLACKLINE

Check out this epic video of Kenny Belaey riding his trials bike along an 18m-long slackline, 112m above a gorge at an altitude of 2,700m.

No chain? No problem! Downhill biker wins MTB World cup with no chain!

Check out this nail-biting video of American downhill superstar Aaron Gwin racing to victory in Leogang, Austria .. without a chain on his bike. Despite snapping the chain upon his first pedal stroke, Gwin still managed to expertly weave his way around the course and win the race. Now that’s some serious skill!

An ancient running route to add to your bucket list

Brought to you by the running division at Salomon, this inspiring video features trail runners Anna Frost, Rickey Gates and Matt Flaherty running through the Giant Redwoods of Northern California aka the tallest living trees on Earth. They are also amongst the oldest living things on Earth! Accompanied by words based on the writing of…