The World’s First Nothing Front Bike Flip

Check out this epic video of R Willy from Nitro Circus pulling off a no handed BMX front bike flip. From the archive: this post was originally published on the SportPursuit blog 20th November 2015.

SportPursuit ranked number 5 in the Sunday Times Sage Start-up Track 15

We made the list! SportPursuit were recently ranked number 5 in the inaugural Sunday Times Sage Start-up Track 15. The Start-up Track 15 is a ranking of a selection of Britain’s start-ups with the fastest-growing sales over their latest two years. Check out the full list and accompanying article below.

No chain? No problem! Downhill biker wins MTB World cup with no chain!

Check out this nail-biting video of American downhill superstar Aaron Gwin racing to victory in Leogang, Austria .. without a chain on his bike. Despite snapping the chain upon his first pedal stroke, Gwin still managed to expertly weave his way around the course and win the race. Now that’s some serious skill!

Dean Potter – the ultimate full moon shot

This week’s video is in memory of Dean Potter, an American free climber, alpinist, BASE jumper, BASEliner and highliner who unfortunately left the world too early. He is somebody who will always be remembered for pushing the boundaries of what’s humanly possible.

It’s true – this camera will fly itself and follow you around!

Judging by the sheer amount of incredible sports action videos viewable on the web today, it’s clear that high-quality cameras have never been more accessible to the general public. Still, this exciting new camera drone looks to be a real gamechanger, with the potential to elevate epic videos to the next level.

Escape to the wilderness of the Yukon

Looking to escape the rain and grey of Vancouver, filmmaker and photographer Dan Barham decided to head north and take a trip to a place that never disappoints – the wilderness of the Yukon.  Besides the majestic beauty of the surroundings, there’s target shooting, snowshoeing and whisky involved.  Escape from your work for a few…

An adventure video that WILL make you want to explore

“People will always have a desire to explore what they haven’t seen, whether it’s above us, on the surface, or down in the depths of the ocean” -Buzz Aldrin Here’s a little boost of inspiration for your Friday afternoon – The Explorer, an inspirational video put together by The North Face.   Narrated by Buzz…

SportPursuit TV Ad 2015 – “I’m Pursuing”

Since we launched, 1.5m SportPursuit members have accessed our exclusive deals, but we reckon there’s a whole lot more of you out there who would should get in on the action. We want to bring together outdoor enthusiasts from around Europe to become the one of the biggest online sports clubs, and last week, to help us on that journey…

Fresh powder envy: 1950s helicopter skiing!

Seeing as we usually bring you the latest and greatest action and outdoor videos from around the web, this week we’ve decided to switch it up and take a journey back in time.  Don’t worry, this week’s video is still remarkable, it just happens to be from the 1950s. Long before the creation of chairlifts,…