Rookie Runner

Admittedly since I left University 18 months ago I have not been the most active of people, but when you get out of a routine of physical activity you’ll be surprised how easy it is to stop.

For two years I was a goalkeeper for a 5-a-side University team, I played squash, tennis and tried my hand at Rugby and Cricket too. However now the opportunities to play them away from education are less, I have decided to turn my attention to something else, running.

It doesn’t strike many as the most appealing of hobbies or every day activities, but over the past month I have found it an enjoyable release and surprisingly rewarding. My sister was the ambition as she recently took part in the `Run to the Beat` event in London on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society, and I am now working towards doing something similar in the next 12 months.

As a complete rookie I naturally went off too fast in my first run and barely lasted a mile before returning home, crawling up my driveway and waiting for one of my parents to rescue me and drag me inside. However, the very next day I managed a mile and a half and have gradually grown more confident and am progressing quicker than I expected.

My record to date is 3.35 miles, which I will concede doesn’t set the world alight, but running is all about discipline and you need to maintain a steady pace throughout to endure the longer runs.

Professional runners often know how quickly they have to run in order to win, but naturally during a marathon or long distance event competitors play a `cat in mouse` tactical game as they wait for a pace setter to pull away from the pack, and then attempt to chase them down.

For the rookie however you cannot just enter a race like the Marathon without any training and hope to make it to the finish in a competitive time. Months and months of practice is required, you need to be fit, determined and ensure you have some top of the range clothing to avoid getting overly sweaty.

Being huge fans of running, Sport Pursuit has a wide range of top class products available from numerous suppliers at very competitive prices. These include Montane, Newton, Odlo, Orca, Ronhill and Thoni Mara.

So what are you waiting for? Design yourself a route, kit up, and get running!

Runners being cheered on by fans