Pursuit Picks – training at home

This edition of Pursuit Picks we look at tips for training at home – recommendations from the SportPursuit team for keeping fit and active if you’re restricted to the house.

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1. Get the gear

One of the great things about training at home is how much you can achieve without specialist equipment. Your favourite gym clothes or running kit is often the best place to start if you just want to get a bit hot and sweaty at home. Depending on your sport, a few other useful bits of kit can go a long way:

  • Yoga mat or workout mat
  • Resistance bands
  • Skipping rope/jump rope
  • A foam roller for recovery

For cyclists who want to maximise time in the saddle without leaving the house, have a look at our specific indoor cycling guide.

2. Find your direction

Whatever your pursuit, there are plenty of options for training at home. Whether general fitness and recovery or specific to your sport, you just need to find something that suits you. Here are a few of our favourites at the moment:

  • Zwift – part training tool, part video game, you can hook up your bike to compatible systems (with a power meter) and cycle alongside your friends (or race them!).
  • The Running Channel – keep your pace up with weekly workouts and tips for runners.
  • Get Fit to Ski with Dave Ryding – already looking forward to next season? Follow Great Britain’s number one skier and earn those turns!
  • YouTube yoga – flow for strength or gentle recovery, we’ve been using Yoga with Adrienne and Alo Yoga to get a bit of balance in mind and body.
  • Joe Wicks – the whole country is tuning in, why not join in the fun!

Remember that even if you are physically separated from other people there is still a great community through sport. Whether it’s your local running or cycling club, ski resort communities, or gym members, chances are everyone is discovering new ways to get their exercise. Make sure you share your own tips and favourites to help others!

3. Challenge yourself

Finding it harder to keep motivation up while you’re exercising at home, or just want to satisfy your competitive urge? It’s easy to set yourself goals, get involved in challenges, and use social media and apps to give you support around your goals.

  • Keep a training diary – the simplest way to track your progress is to write a record (on your phone, or on old fashioned paper!). This allows you to control the amount you are training and set goals effectively. Share your stories and your progress with #MyPursuit!
  • Strava – one of the most popular sports apps out there, Strava is a great way to share your activities with others and join challenges to give your training structure.
  • Always Aim High Virtual Events – many events have had to be cancelled and your race diary may now be unexpectedly free. Tap into the spirit of friendly competition and enter virtual events where you choose your activity to take part.
  • Raise money for a cause you care about – there are loads of opportunities to make your daily exercise count. The 2.6 Challenge is a national campaign in the UK to raise money for charities who have suffered a real drop in fundraising – pick your challenge, get involved, and donate!

We’d love to hear how you are keeping up with training at home – let us know in the comments or share your updates on social media with #MyPursuit.

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