#NewPursuits – MIND/BODY/FUEL with Step-Inside Wellbeing

This winter the SportPursuit HQ team are taking on #NewPursuits – new activities and classes to keep us motivated and excited for winter training. It has been a great year for sport and many of the team at SportPursuit HQ have pushed themselves to new goals, bigger races, and personal bests in 2018. With that in mind, we decided to start our winter training with a full-body reset.

MIND/BODY/FUEL was the answer – a holistic class that combines mindfulness, yoga and core-busting dynamic moves created by Step-Inside Wellbeing. The session was held at the fantastic LEON Kwoon wellbeing space so a smoothie to refuel was on the cards, but first we had to earn it.


Mental focus is key to  performance in sport. Whether it’s pushing yourself through that mental wall to achieve a PB, or concentrating on every detail of your technique, we all know that being in the right headspace will pay off with great results. That’s why Step-Inside start with the mind. Picking a quality to practice in the session, we were guided through mindfulness and breathing exercises to prime the mind for the physical challenge ahead.


With our minds locked in to focus it was time to give the body some attention: deep stretches to loosen everything up and dynamic movements to get our core muscles working. Balance, strength and control – the perfect elements to practice for any sport. 


A well-earned smoothie from the amazing team at LEON Eastcastle Street was the perfect way to round up the session and refuel!

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