New Swim Spas provide top training aid

Fans of the Sky One Sports show `A League of Their Own` might be familiar with what they’re about to see.

Below is the new, innovative swimming aid which could revolutionize the way swimmers train for big events in years to come.

Endorsed by 14-time Olympic Champion Michael Phelps, the range of Master Spas enables swimmers to train alone and in the conditions they require at any specific time. The models in the range include wave propulsion technology which provides a smooth current that gives a greater swimming experience to that of any traditional swim spa on the market.

The current is adjustable and so allows the user to customize the flow, and you are also able to control the temperature of the water to increase comfort.

Admittedly they are not for the every day leisure swimmer as they retail at around $40,000 on average, but for the advanced professional or up and coming youngster they present an opportunity to gain an advantage over their rivals.

As well as helping to improve technique it can also help to develop upper body strength, an area which Phelps has developed especially well since he began his professional career to maintain an effective and competent stroke action.

The American in action

He is due to retire after the Olympic Games next year, and will be hoping to add to his tally of 14 gold medals in front of a passionate English crowd. The American is also an advocate for using top of the range gear, and you’ll find an array of products right here at Sport Pursuit which should suit your individual requirements.

Among the brands we have on offer include Orca, a company which provides equipment to many professional athletes. Their wetsuits enable the user to glide through the water with ease, enabling to create a fast and enjoyable swim.

If the swimmer gets to a point where they can no longer fight the current, as the lovely Georgie Thompson so elegantly displayed on TV, you are thrust back to the edge of the spa and can no longer perform your stroke.

To ensure you don’t suffer the same fate, come and check out our suppliers page and see what bargains you can pick up.

One of the Master Spa models being tested