Get fit to ski with World Champion Dave Ryding

This article was first published in October 2019 in partnership with Snowsport England and David Lloyd Clubs. Each year we revisit these tips and training drills to get in shape for the slopes and get stoked about the season ahead!

We’ve teamed up Snowsport England and Great Britain’s number one skier Dave Ryding, with the help of David Lloyd Clubs, to help you get in shape for the slopes. Whether you’re just making your first steps (and turns!) on snow or you’re a more confident skier looking to push your performance up a notch, the exciting new series of ski fit videos will prepare you for your next day skiing or snowboarding.

Dave Ryding combines his own experience as one of the best skiers in the world with the fitness expertise of David Lloyd Clubs’ Personal Training team. The exercises are easy to follow and suitable for all abilities – you don’t need to be a World Champion to enjoy a day on the slopes! The series is split into three different sessions to help you prepare your whole body:

  • Body & core strength for skiing
  • Leg strength for skiing
  • Active recovery for skiing.

Try adding in 2-3 sessions per week in the build-up to your next trip and see what a difference it makes.

“Fitness and conditioning is obviously a huge part of my daily routine and I know how crucial it is in staying injury free and getting the most out of your skiing”

Dave Ryding, three-time Olympian and professional skier

Body & Core Strength for skiing

When we are skiing or snowboarding we are constantly fighting the effects of gravity. To handle the physical demands of skiing and snowboarding and prevent injury, we need to be able to control and shock-absorb our body weight efficiently. Building a stronger core and all-round strength will help your body prepare for these movements and make you more able to respond to the changing forces as you ski.

Leg strength for skiing

It might seem obvious, but your leg strength is really important for skiing! The movements you go through on skis often use specific muscles that you might not get frequent use in other sports or your day-to-day life. Having a session to focus on these skiing-specific exercises will help boost your power and give you more stability and control on the slopes.

Active recovery for skiing

Everyone’s favourite workout – the rest day! Every time you exercise you are putting strain and resistance through your muscles, so recovering well is crucial to make sure you maintain flexibility and bounce back quickly. Rather than just making a cup of tea and putting your feet up, be sure to include some foam rolling and key stretches on your day off – this is active recovery.

‘Get Fit to Ski’ videos can be viewed for free on Snowsport England’s website and Snowsport England YouTube channel  Performed regularly in the build up to a ski holiday or a session at an indoor or dry slope, ‘Get Fit to Ski’ can help improve overall fitness as well as making you stronger and helping reduce the risk of injury.  David Lloyd Clubs also offers Synrgy ski fit classes and 1-2-1 personal training at its clubs for those that want an in person experience to help them get ready for the slopes this winter.

To coincide with the launch of ‘Get Fit to Ski’, Snowsport England are now offering a £10 ‘Hit the Slopes’ membership which gives skiers and snowboarders access to a range of retail and travel discounts as well as helping fans of snowsport support the sport they love. More information can be found at:

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