Fun ways to keep fit

Gone are the days when keeping fit was just a case of jogging to the local shops or strolling into town to get roped into signing a gym membership form.

Although this is the route many still choose to take, there is now a wide choice of other ways to gain fitness without the need to use a treadmill, weight or rowing machines.

We’ve compiled a brief list of activities which may grab your fancy, and in many cases all they require is a bundle of enthusiasm and a decent set of shoes!

Kickboxing– Sounds rather violent and daunting, but you needn’t be concerned. It takes a while to get into it, but after a few warm-up sessions and technique training it provides a good way to release any built up anger or energy. Punch bags and jump ropes will often be used to help new people to settle in.

Team Sports- Being a fan of these myself it used to be the way I kept fit while enjoying myself at the same time. Sports like Football and Cricket were my chosen options while at school and university as I was able to play them with my friends, and by playing them on a regular basis it enabled us to stay fit and play for longer periods of time in future sessions.

They’re a great way to build communication skills, improve stamina and help with movement. They’re good fun and something everyone is likely to enjoy.

Individual Sports- If you prefer to play on your own then there’s a host of sports which you can take part in. Squash, Badminton and Tennis are the obvious choices but Swimming is also a good option as it gives you a thorough workout. All of which you can get lessons in, and stamina will undoubtedly improve as you take part on a consistent basis.

Running- Regular readers of our blog may be aware that I have been running myself for a little while now, and to my surprise have enjoyed it an awful lot. It requires good levels of self discipline, you have to pace yourself and not go off too quickly. After every run I feel ten times better and am still doing up to four miles whenever I can.

If you stick to the same route for a couple of weeks, you can time yourself and then decide when is the right time to go further afield and test your skills on new routes.

Cycling- With the increasing popularity of the Triathlon, Cycling too has benefited from the surge of competitors wanting to apply for races throughout the UK. Like running, it does require strong self discipline; you have to concentrate hard as you are on the same roads as cars who may not see you, and over time you will be able to cover longer distances as your stamina and fitness improves.

It gives a lot of your muscles a good workout, it will help you break into a sweat, and you can carry out your hobby with a friend by travelling one behind the other.

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Two players battling it out on the squash court