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Fitness Craze

Forget Bikram Yoga, Zumba and Bootcamp classes. Indoor spinning is set to be the next major fitness craze to hit the capital.

Most fitness addicts have tried indoor spinning at their local gym. For those of you who are new to the concept of spinning – think indoor cycling machines, loud music, disco lights and the most you’ll ever sweat in 45 minutes.

It’s awesome! I’m a BIG FAN.  We all have busy lives right? Who doesn’t want to maximise the bang for your buck when it comes to hours of training. Spinning offers me the chance to do just this, burn hundreds of calories and build muscle fast.

 Extreme Spinning – New York Style

Cyclebeat is a new spinning studio based in Bank, London. Steve Jobs said “Do one thing, and do it well.” Cyclebeat offers a pure, unadulterated focus on providing the best spin classes in town. Nothing more, nothing less.

When the Founders set it up, they visited the top indoor spin studios in New York where spinning is the fastest growing craze in health and fitness. One New York studio offers ‘Extreme Spinning’ classes at £20 each with 2000 people a week fighting to bag a bike.

Indoor spinning is big, it’s sweaty and it’s taking on London. 

Introductory offer

When SportPursuit partnered with Cyclebeat and offered a chance to try 20 days for £20 I didn’t need any persuading.  With an Ironman race 8 weeks away, access to unlimited spin classes was exactly what I needed.

You don’t have to be into cycling to love spinning. It’s a high intensity workout to music on a stationary cycling bike. However, as a cyclist it works wonders for me especially the hills and interval training.

Why Cyclebeat?

What makes Cyclebeat a cut above the rest is the machines they use. They have a full leaderboard which means not only can you compare all your own statistics and results from one session to the next to measure your improvements, you can also compete against other people in the class or your friends. Not that we are a competitive bunch or anything…

The studio in Bank is very well located. The staff are friendly and helpful. They have their own cycling shoes you can use to help you get that little bit more out of your workout, talented instructors and classes from 6am to 9pm.  The icing on the cake is bike parking inside the studio so you don’t need to lug around a heavy lock or worry about leaving your bike outside.

I can’t recommend enough signing up for their introductory offer and challenging yourself to get to the top of The Leaderboard. There’s a Green Jersey and everything….

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