Top 5 motivational blog posts of 2014


Source: Paxson Woelber (Flickr Creative Commons)

2014 has been a great year for the SportPursuit blog and we’re ever so glad that you’ve been a part of it.  As the years transition, maybe you’re looking  for some motivation to do something different in 2015 or crave a little inspiration for choosing your next adventure?  If so, our top 5 motivational blog posts of 2014 will help bring you a little boost for the beginning of the new year.  Check out the list below and kick start your January pursuits.  Happy New Year everybody and here’s to a fantastic 2015!

1. The ultimate list: sources of inspiration for outdoor enthusiasts


Source: Asaf Antman (Flickr Creative Commons)

We asked the SportPursuit community to share with us their favourite sources of inspiration. From the movies that they watch to the people that they follow on Twitter, we wanted to find out what gets our community pumped up and raring to go.  Whether you’re looking for a quick work break boost or a strong nudge in an adventurous direction, there’s something in this list for everybody.

2. 7 ways to think small and achieve big


SportPursuit ambassador Sophie is no stranger to setting realistic goals and achieving them.  In this post, Sophie shares the 7 steps that have been essential in helping her get through big challenges, using her recent cycle from London to Paris in just 24 hours as an example.

3. VIDEO: a tribute to discomfort – warning: will inspire adventure

This video by National Geographic Creative photographer and North Face athlete Cory Richards truly captures the rush of exploring what’s around us, the immersion in unfamiliar surroundings and the pursuit of new adventures. Real, raw and visceral – this video is sure to get you pumped up to get outside!

4. Father and 11 year old son cycling 2,650 miles around Britain


We caught up with our April member-of-the-month Dwight in preparation for his summer 2014 adventure – cycling a 2,650 mile coastal bike ride around Britain with his 11-year-old son, Lewis.  Check out their website for the full lowdown on the completion of their epic summer bike ride!

5. 10 best road cycling books every cyclist should read


Source: Colville-Andersen (Flickr Creative Commons)

With some help from the SportPursuit community (thanks everybody!) and some biking bookworms at SportPursuit HQ, we streamlined the eclectic variety of recommendations received into our list of the 10 best road cycling books every cyclist should read.  Even if you’re not an avid cyclist, these books are well worth a read!

6. BONUS VIDEO: the most epic rope swing ever

We promised you our top 5 posts of 2014, but we couldn’t live with ourselves if we missed out this exhilarating video.  You may be familiar with the video of the world’s largest rope swing but this rope swing clip brings the meaning of epic to a whole new level.  Watch it and be glad it’s not you!  Alternatively, use it as motivation to get outside your comfort zone and add it to your 2015 bucket list!