Tokyo Olympics – 5 New Sports to Watch at the Games

The Summer Olympics is one of the most anticipated international sporting events in the calendar. For many sportspeople it is the pinnacle of their careers to be competing in the Olympic Games and it gives spectators a chance to see smaller, less well-known sports on a global platform.

The Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be different for lots of reasons but the positive side of this latest Games is the new sports being included for the first time. We love that more pursuits are getting the recognition and attention of the Olympics, and we can’t wait to see the newest Olympic competitions kicking off in Tokyo.

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We’re thrilled to see one of our favourite past-times getting a spot in the Olympic roster. The sport will have climbers competing in three climbing disciplines – bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing – with the winner selected as the best from the overall scores combined. This combined scoring system has caused plenty of discussion in the climbing community; we’re sure it’s going to be amazing to see the world’s best climbers pitted against each other in competition.


For some, it’s a mellow summer beach activity. For others, it’s a high octane action sport. With 20 million participants across the globe surfing definitely has appeal for lots of people. With fast, flowing moves and impressive aerial tricks it’s an exciting one for non-surfers to watch as well. Prepare to ride the wave!


Both baseball and softball have featured in the Olympic games before but are being reintroduced. The popularity of baseball has grown quickly in recent years and is especially strong in North America and much of Asia. It’s also one of the most popular sports in Japan, so expect the host country to be watching these games with excitement.


Joining judo, taekwondo, boxing and fencing, karate is sure to be another exciting addition to the roster of martial arts at this year’s games. The high tempo discipline is explosive and exciting to watch, though first time viewers may want to familiarise themselves with the 3-level scoring system to really enjoy what’s going on.


Skateboarding has come a long way from the original ‘sidewalk surfing’ which swept the world as both an activity and a lifestyle. The Olympic committee is making a change to bring skateboarding into the Olympic family, and hoping to draw more younger viewers and sportspeople to the Games. Prepare yourself for impressive tricks and technical skill on display in the skateparks of Tokyo.

Which sport would you add to the Olympics, or what do you think should be removed from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sam says:

    Trail or mountain running! We have some first class top athletes out there who are already competing to a very high level internationally, with a lot of young talent waiting in the wings. We’d do so well!

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