The Top 10 Ski and Snowboard Films 2013/14


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Once again it’s that time of year when snow lovers across the Northern Hemisphere start getting excited at the prospects of the season ahead, and when ski and snowboard movies start falling left, right and centre. Nothing can quite build the hype for the Winter months ahead like a good snow movie with friends, and after the huge response to our 2012/13 round up, we’re back to give you the low-down on this year’s top 10 ski and snowboard films!


The Top 10 ski and snowboard films


10.) Supervention – Field Productions

Starting off the Top 10 list; a ski and snowboard film from Norwegian maestros, Field Productions. These guys have come a long way since 2008’s ‘Get Lucky’, but even then they were using some cinematic effects unseen in any other snow films. Most of the riders are Scandinavian, but the film sees them travelling across the globe, exporting their brilliant urban style and big-mountain skills. Get a bunch of cool riders together and the end result is a suitably cool movie, end of.


9.) Tracing Skylines – Poor Boyz Productions

Poor Boyz create rowdy, fast-paced films, and Tracing Skylines isn’t here to mess with the formula. Enjoying some additional investment from Red Bull Media House this year, Tracing Skylines follows five of skiing’s top athletes on their ‘trips of a lifetime’. Expect a variety of attitudes and riding styles, with lots of music and a decent sense of humour.


8.) Naturally – Jake Blauvelt

Oakley snowboarding poster boy, Jake Blauvelt, has been two years in the making of this world tour; travelling the globe with friends for the best big mountain riding available today. Another big-hype film of this season; if you snowboard you’ll likely come across this before too long, and that’s no bad thing.


7.) Head Straight – Chaoz Productions

Chaoz Productions have been quietly putting out movies for the past few years, but Head Straight is the first to have really made it above the surface. Featuring possibly the most beautifully cut trailers of any ski or snowboard film this year (get full-screen, headphones and HD on for it); it also delivers on some great riding – as strange as it sounds the topless double off the knuckle at 2:49 is probably our favourite. Don’t try that at home, kids.


6.) Days Of My Youth – Matchstick Productions/RBMH

An ambitious two-year project by MSP and RBMH, Days Of My Youth is due for release later in 2014, however before this a web-series is being run, documenting the lives of a select group of big-mountains skiers, demonstrating that skiing can go beyond being a sport, and is actually a way of life…speaking of which…


5.) Way Of Life – Teton Gravity Research

TGR’s films always feature a gorgeous and distinctive style that always shows the mountains at their best. Way Of Life follows some of the worlds best skiers as they go about riding some of the best big mountain locations worldwide. Expect to see some fantastic powder and park riding, with much less emphasis on urban – A film for the diehards, but it’s a good’un.


4.) Higher – Jeremy Jones

The final installment in Jones’ ‘Deeper, Further, Higher’ trilogy; Higher is still another year in the making – hence the lack of any footage to-date – but expect this to be another masterclass in snowboarding cinema. There has been talk of descents previously considered impossible, and the title would suggest something fairly big will make an appearance; when this drops next year it’s going to be special.


3.) Into The Mind – Sherpa Cinema

The hyped-up sequel to Sherpa Cinema’s smash hit entry film All.I.Can. Two years in the making, Into The Mind will once again bring back Sherpa’s trademark art-house style – this won’t be a film for the impatient looking for a money-shot. Instead, there will be some stunning cinematography, clever effects, and a whole lot of skiing squeezing in between it. Appearing suitably epic, we’ve no doubt it won’t fail to impress.


2.) Never Not – Nike

Nike is keen to start making use of it’s drive into skiing and snowboarding over the last few years, and Never Not is a bold statement of intent if we ever saw one. New school through and through, we like it!


1.) McConkey – Matchstick Productions/RBMH

In a way it’s hard to put McConkey in the running for this list – this film is more a documentary than a true ‘ski movie’. That said, any skier worth their salt knows the poignancy of this picture – and reveres the man at the centre of it. Shane McConkey was at the forefront of the action sports world for nearly 20 years; leading a life few would even dream about, and hardly any have come close to living. Whether pioneering the freeskiing movement, or making the first ever ski BASE jump; Shane inspired the industry as much as the people within it. It’s not always an easy story to watch; regularly revisiting that fateful day in March 2009 when in 8 seconds everything went so tragically wrong. That said, it’s an amazing tribute to a man who inspired a whole generation of skiers to stop taking it so seriously, get off piste and have some fun. A must watch this Winter.


Reader’s Contributions

Valhalla – Sweetgrass Productions


The Runners Up

Made it through all the movies above and still hungry for more? Here’s a list of our ‘also-rans’; films we loved but didn’t quite make the final cut:


A Road Less Traveled – Nimbus Independent


Burton Presents…


Incoming – What We Want Films


Hel Of A Time – Friday


Partly Cloudy – Level 1


Imagine – Perfect Moment Entertainment


Well that’s our list; what would you have put in yours? Let us know in the comments below!


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