How Your Mindset can Motivate You to Run a Marathon (or just a mile)

We’ve been supporting Ash Garratt on his mission to run seven marathons and ultra-distance events at seven Natural Wonders of the World: the Run7.Global project. Raising awareness and funding for sustainability initiatives across the world, Run7.Global has seen Ash taking on challenges from the world’s highest marathon to a 6-day, 170-mile ultra marathon in the Grand Canyon. The one thing that keeps his legs moving through the miles? A rock-solid mindset. 

Ash dropped by SportPursuit HQ after his remarkable feat at the Grand 2 Grand and gave a brilliant insight about what it takes to push yourself through any goal. Whether it’s waking up for an early training session, completing a challenging task in the office, or running a marathon, your mental preparation is what will lead you to success (assuming you have also done the necessary physical prep!). 

The best way to get in the marathon mindset? Know your motivation, and be aware of the natural impulses that will get in the way. There will always be psychological obstacles to your success and often they are based on the most basic human needs. Your body is programmed to survive – to avoid hunger, thirst, pain, fatigue. Find the reason behind your goal and you can overcome these difficulties.

From Everest, Ash summed it up like this:

Ash Garratt reflecting on motivation and mindset before the 2018 Everest Marathon

Whatever your goal this year, find that motivation. Prepare your body and mind. Choose gear that will make you feel good, perform well, and stretch your personal best.

Find out more about Ash Garratt and Run7.Global here.