Pursuit Picks – where to watch the best adventure films right now

There’s nothing quite like an adventure on screen to inspire you. To immerse you in a wild world, take you on an extraordinary journey, or teach you a new perspective on your sport. We’ve all got few favourite adventure films, but it’s also easier than ever to discover new stories online and in person.

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Festival favourites

One way to find fresh sport, travel and adventure movies is to tap into the growing selection of film festivals dedicated to the genre. Catch debut features for new and exciting projects, as well as classics and rediscovered treasures:

  • Banff Mountain Film Festival – the annual world tour celebrates the world’s best mountain films with curated programmes you can watch in a venue near you, or stream in your own home.
  • Adventure Travel Film Festival – popping up in three locations each year, ATFF showcases a range of travel films “based around two days of camping and good times”.
  • Sheffield Adventure Film Festival – the annual event at heart of one of Britain’s outdoor hotspots.
  • Kendal Mountain Festival – activities, guest speakers, and showcase films combine into a grand gathering for everyone who loves the outdoors.

Adventure on demand

Can’t make it to an event, or prefer to enjoy films in the comfort of your own home? All of the big streaming services are gradually building collections of travel and adventure films, from big releases to older hidden gems.

  • YouTube – follow your favourite athletes and brands with channels like Salomon TV, the Global Cycling Network, and Outside Magazine.
  • Netflix – the streaming giant has an ever-changing selection of adventure documentaries.
  • Amazon – if it’s not on Netflix, chances are you can rent or buy the film you’re after on Amazon Prime.
  • Independent platforms – smaller specialist streaming services are popping up all the time, like sports-specific Adventure+.

Where do you look when you’re keen for some fresh inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash