Going The Extra Mile.

As a Londoner, the length city folk will go to in order to get their sporting fix always amazes me. I’ve seen 5 surfers packed into a Polo, hurtling down the M4 to catch the early morning Cornish waves, and even tens of people congregated outside their office for their annual team-bonding trip to Wendover Woods. In both cases despite the clichés there is still an admirable sense of adventure not to be scoffed at.

Sometimes it is not just the Geographic location that is the main hurdle, it is the time of year. Sometimes it is both. Anyway I have compiled a list of my favourite examples of people going the extra mile to do their favourite sport.

VIDEO: Way Back Home

My first example is of trials cyclist Danny MacAskill. Put quite simply 15,000,000 viewers cannot be wrong. He brings his urban skill to a completely new setting on a voyage from Edinburgh to his hometown Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. This could be the best video I have ever seen.

VIDEO: Valpe 2010

Another example here except it is the complete opposite.  Mountain biking brought to the favelas of Valpe, Chile. Obstacles here range from dogs to invisible drop-offs. All filmed by a helmet cam of an unnamed pinstripe rider – Absolutely incredible.

A notch down on the adrenaline factor but no less enjoyable is urban hiking. In this article Carole Cadwalledr of the Guardian takes us through her trek through the beautiful city of Rio. This includes urban forests and how not to get robbed!


This is an example of telemarking skiing in Namibia. No clothes necessary!

Not content with skiing 5 months of the year, this enthusiast clips in at the top of Dune du Pyla. The highest sand dune in Europe is located 60 km from Bordeaux and provides the opportunity to make your own tracks time after time.

VIDEO: Sand Skiing in France