Biking and climbing – 8 countries, 7 summits, 32 days

“I took on this challenge not to prove who I was or who I am, but who I can become”

-Sophie Radcliffe

On the 31st August 2014, SportPursuit ambassador Sophie completed her most recent challenge – the Alpine Coast to Coast. Sophie has become the first and only person in history to cycle the 8 alpine countries and climb their highest mountains in one go – an impressive feat to say the least.

For all you stats lovers out there: over a gruelling 32 days, Sophie completed 1,669km of cycling alongside 141km by foot and 45, 530m of ascent. She also enjoyed a very well deserved 8 pizzas and 45 peanut butter cups during the process.

Adidas also came along for part of the journey, managing to capture some seriously stunning footage and get a little time with Sophie reflecting on the challenge. You can check out the inspiring video below. A huge well done to Sophie from everybody at SportPursuit!

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