Why buy merino wool?

Due to its impressive natural qualities, merino wool is a sought-after and popular material for premium and athletic outdoor clothing.  Check out the 5 biggest benefits of buying merino wool below.

1. Naturally odour-resistant

Merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial which means it does not harbour the bacteria that create odours; resulting in an odour-resistant garment that can be worn for days (and yes, even weeks) without the need for washing.

2. Warm when wet

Merino will still keep you warm when it’s wet — the fibres themselves absorb moisture and because of the crimp in the individual fibres, the small pockets of air trapped by the fibres that provide insulation don’t collapse. In addition, wool can hold 30-40% of its weight in moisture before it feels wet.

3. A natural fibre that is super soft & comfortable

Merino wool is one of the finest and softest wools available making it great for sensitive skin. Merino fibres are so ultra fine that they won’t irritate your hair follicles or skin.  In addition, the individual fibres used for most merino performance clothing have been smoothed to make it even softer on your skin.

4. All year round

The temperature regulating properties of merino wool make it an excellent choice year round. Merino wool will help you stay cool when it’s warm out (thanks to its breathability) and warm when it’s cool out (thanks to its excellent insulation.) It’s a great choice for the UK’s fluctuating weather where we often experience all four seasons in a day!

5. Renewable, recyclable, all natural

Wool comes from sheep, raised in the mountains on grass and sunlight—all natural! Merino brands that we work with work hard to ensure that the sheep who provide the wool used are treated well. The best part is that the sheep grow a new crop of wool every year making merino totally renewable!