Why buy GORE-TEX®?

GORE-TEX® products are well known for providing long-lasting, comfortable weather protection you can trust from your head down to your toes.  It is one thing for a company to guarantee what it makes. It is quite another for it to guarantee what others make. But that is exactly what GORE-TEX® do.


If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness or breathability of your GORE-TEX® product then GORE-TEX® will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price.

The best brands in the world trust GORE-TEX® technology. So can you.  If a product has the GORE-TEX® label on it, it’s been officially certified that it is durably waterproof, windproof and breathable for its intended use.  Working hand in hand with its brand partners, GORE-TEX® make sure each product style is fit for use and works as promised. And it’s not just the finished product that’s tested, but also all the materials that go into it.


The durability of waterproofness is really what sets GORE-TEX® products apart. GORE-TEX® fabrics withstand water-entry pressures encountered during severe weather and in demanding applications.  Wet fabrics conduct heat 3 times faster than dry clothes, robbing your body of warmth. By keeping water out, GORE-TEX®  durably waterproof clothing system prevents this heat loss. As a result, you stay dry and comfortable, even during extended use, and in harsh conditions.


As cold wind blows through your clothes, it causes convective heat loss, robbing you of the warmth kept in the thin layer of air between you and your clothing. GORE-TEX® fabrics prevent this windchill from happening by stopping the wind from passing through. The result – you preserve a comfortable microclimate inside your gear.


When you’re active, your skin removes excess heat via perspiration. To avoid uncomfortable sweat buildup, the GORE-TEX® membrane allows the evaporating moisture to escape through the fabric. This breathability leads to more comfortable and drier skin, even during high exertion.