Why buy down?

What makes down jackets worth raving about? Well to begin with, here are 5 fantastic features of down that make it such an awesome insulator for when it’s cold outside:

1. Down is the ideal insulator for the dry winter. Down is perfect for dry and cold climates.

2. Down offers a great warmth to weight ratio. Pardon the pun but down doesn’t weigh you down. Down offers the best of both worlds, being both extremely lightweight and an effective insulator. But how does an insulator so light keep you so warm? When down is compressed, its fibres create small air pockets that trap air and subsequently, heat.

3. Down lasts a long time. It’s an excellent insulator to invest in. If you look after your down jacket well, it can last you a good decade or two.

4. Down compresses extremely well. A down jacket can be packed tightly, yet regain (and retain) its shape easily once decompressed, making it ideal for emergency situations.

5. Down is an effective choice if you’re not getting too active. With a down jacket, there’s no need to bundle up in order to stay warm if you’re not moving around too much.