Why buy compression?

Compression garments were originally used in a medical setting as a way to assist with healing.  Over time, compression clothing has become increasing popular among athletes and exercise enthusiasts. For many, compression clothing has become an essential item in their kitbag. Compression clothing is engineered to be stretchable whilst maintaining a specific structure. meaning it fits snugly against the skin without losing its shape.

In a nutshell, compression clothing can help improve your performance when exercising and speed up your recovery afterward. However, there are a number of key benefits that compression clothing can provide, which are outlined below:

Helps increase blood circulation and oxygen delivery to muscles, improving athletic performance.

Refines proprioception, meaning that you have improved awareness of how your body is positioned when exercising. This can help improve the efficiency in your movement and reduce the number of muscles needed to be activated.

Improves efficiency in your movement, helping to reduce the risk of injury when training or exercising.

Increases blood flow to muscles helping to remove unwanted exercise-related biochemicals such as lactic acid. This contributes to reducing fatigue and soreness after exercise.

Compression clothing may help cool the body by wicking sweat from the body and allowing it to disperse faster. This keeps you cooler as you exercise. Controlling the body’s thermoregulatory system can help athletic performance, as core temperature increases are associated with a decline in athletic ability.