TomTom Bandit Action Cam

Cut right into the action

With the TomTom Bandit, you can film in 4k and edit hours of footage into an epic video in minutes. Not hours!

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TomTom Bandit Action Camera & Premium Pack
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Waterproof to 40m


Take your camera right into the water with you. Paddle through the river rapids, swim under waterfalls or ride the waves. TomTom Bandit comes with a waterproof dive lens cover. Everything you need to film in the water comes with your camera, because TomTom Bandit loves the water as much as you.

No cables


Finally leave those cables at home thanks to TomTom’s Batt-Stick battery. With integrated USB 3.0 and microSD card reader that lets you charge your battery and transfer files quickly, you’ll spend less time fiddling with cables. With the Batt-Stick, we’ve changed the way you film your adventures and pack for them.

Easier mounting


Quick and easy mounting lets you click and go. Hands wet or fingers freezing? No problem. Snap your camera into place and capture the adventure without having to remove your gloves or fiddle with any mounts.

Built-in motion sensors


Built-in motions sensors automatically identify a highlight when you’ve made a big move, significantly increased your speed, or pulled a major stunt. They track G-force, speed, rotation, acceleration, altitude and more. Use your highlights for easy editing or to show sensor stats in your final video. You can also manually tag highlights on the go.

Longer battery life


Film up to 3H nonstop in full HD. Now that’s some impressive battery life! Even when not recording, TomTom Bandit preserves its battery life by going to sleep after two minutes. All designed to make sure you can spend hours filming your adventures with one charge.

Outstanding reviews

“Built in motion sensors, GPS, manual tagging and easy operation are only the start of this ground breaking action camera. The shake-to-edit feature cuts out the pain of editing and lets you upload your movies quickly and without fuss”


“The TomTom Bandit ably addresses several pain points with other action cams thanks to its quick mobile editing, versatile mounting system and removable battery”


“The TomTom Bandit offers bags of innovation and is well worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a convenient user-friendly approach and an excellent app”


#GETGOING with TomTom Bandit

veho_pebble cmj298_3ai
TomTom Bandit Action Camera & Premium Pack
SAVE 53%
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