Cycliq Fly12

Record your ride. Increase visibility

Cycliq Fly12 is the world’s first front camera and light combination for your bike. Looping video and 1 button footage protection ensures you never miss the action on the road or off the beaten path. Come Rain, Shine or Mud Fly12 is designed by cyclists for any ride you can imagine. Utilising the latest nano technology means that Fly 12 is safeguarded against any weather nature throws at you.

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CYCLIQ Fly12 Camera/Light and Out-Front Mount
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Packed with safety features and smart technology, Cycliq Fly12 is the only camera that truly delivers for cyclists.

Features at a glance

Full bike HD camera with audio

Cycliq Fly12 records in crisp FULL HD. The high-quality wide-angle lens captures everything around you in clear visual detail with audio. Various frame rate and resolution settings can be configured through the CyliqPlus app (max 1080p @ 45fps or 720p @ 60fps). The ultra wide angle lens records special moments, incidents, license plates in a 135 degree arc of footage. You’ll capture everything that is happening in front of your bike in great detail.

400 lumen LED light

The bright 400 lumen LED light brightens the darkest of roads and trails. It will illuminate an extra-long pathway and ensure other road users will see you in day light as well as at night. The cone-shape beam enables you to mount Fly12 both above or below the handlebar. The light has a beam length of up to 78ft / 24m.

Massive battery life

Fly12 is the only camera/light combination on the market to last up to 10 hours in camera mode. It’s engineered to outlast your long rides and commutes. Every time you turn your unit on/off, you’ll be notified of the remaining battery level with audible alerts.

Battery Life
Bike Camera + Solid on full 400 Lumens = 2 hours
Bike Camera + Pulse on full 400 Lumens = 4 hours
Bike Camera only = 10 hours

Audible Alerts
4 beeps = 75%+ charged
3 beeps = 50%+ charged
2 beeps = 25%+ charged
1 beep = 5% charged

Home safe mode

If your battery depletes below 5% during operation, 3 long beeps will sound. Audio and video recording will then turn off to save battery power. The light dims down to 100 lumens and will continue to function for approximately 1.5 hours to make sure you can get home safely.

Theft and movement bike alarm

Turn Fly12 into a bike alarm via the CycliqPlus app. When the unit is moved, the alarm will sound, begin to flash and record. You will also receive an alert notification on your smartphone.

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CYCLIQ Fly12 Camera/Light and Out-Front Mount
Save 46%

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