#ZeroExcuses: 5 excuses that stop you training and how to beat them

We’ve all got that voice in the back of our mind. It pops up every time your alarm goes off in the morning, or just before you pull on your running shoes. We’ve all got excuses that will try and get in the way. #ZeroExcuses is all about beating those doubts – having a goal you are motivated to train for, kit that makes you feel great and perform well, and just getting out there to enjoy it. Our #MyPursuit Team have been testing out awesome new kit from Odlo and finding that #ZeroExcuses feeling.


#MyPursuit goal: my first triathlon ever, the Always Aim High Snowman Triathlon.
Excuse: “I don’t want to get out of bed.”

I’ve started combining triathlon elements over the last week or so – I’ve got in the habit of running to and from the Lido, which makes for a good session as long as I can drag myself out of the house in the morning. I tend to shy away from early morning sessions, but having my kit laid out and packed the night before is one less reason to not get out of bed!


#MyPursuit goal: running the South West Coast Path
Excuse: “I’m ‘too busy’ at work to train.”

How do I get round it? A competition with my friend called “Breakfast of champions”. The person who exercises the least each month has to buy the other one breakfast AND is only allowed to have toast and a herbal tea at the breakfast. The lack of caffeine is the killer! As is the lack of eggs, avocado, anything fried or with a high saturated fat content.


#MyPursuit goal: the Trans-Continental Race.
Excuse: “I don’t have enough time for long rides.”

I’ts hard to fit in some sort of normal life around big rides that involve 8/10/12 hours in the saddle – whether it’s friends birthdays, moving house or just making sure my laundry is done! I’ve got round this by gradually setting my alarm earlier and earlier each weekend to get myself out on the bike at sunrise. This way I can finish my ride with some of the day left to spare, as well as train myself for the pre-4am starts I’ll have during my bike race.

The earlier I ride, the more time I have left for normal life!


#MyPursuit goal: Ironman, Slateman Triathlon, and to keep pushing for a better race time.
Excuse: “It’s too hot. Or too cold. Or just bad weather.”

For summer I just grab my lightest, shortest shorts (like the Odlo Zeroweight) to stay cool and earn a good set of tan lines. When its too cold to wear my Odlo Zeroweight shorts? Put them on anyway and train twice as hard to keep the cold away.

(Putting ‘Dreams’ by the Cranberries on at full volume usually does the trick as well)


#MyPursuit goal: lose weight and tone up.
Excuse: “I’m too tired to train at the end of the day”

If I force myself into my gym clothes I can get in the mindset and set myself a target calorie goal to lose whilst at the gym. I like to add a competitive twist so usually this includes beating my previous goal! Plus there’s no better feeling than walking out of the gym and knowing you trained hard – endorphins are always sky high!

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