Watch StreetVelodrome online and check out our new ad

We’re excited to share with you our new TV sponsorship advert for StreetVelodrome, which you can now watch in full on Channel 4oD.


The advert itself is only 15 seconds long so you’ll be forgiven if you blink and miss it but seeing as this is our TV debut and we’re supporting such a great event we’re really thrilled with the outcome. Check it out below and tell us what you think!



If you’ve been following our previous posts, you’ll know that StreetVelodrome is the world’s first pop up velodrome and for the last couple of months it has been touring around the UK, giving both amateurs and pros the chance to try their cycling legs on it’s gnarly bends. Teams have been going head to head in knockout pursuit races to out to fight it out for the title of StreetVelodrome champion. You can now watch the 2 part series on Channel 4oD and find out who claims victory.


Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here (including the nail biting final at Broadgate London).


Similarly to the up and coming, innovative brands we feature on the site, we’re always looking for new cool concepts in the sporting world to get involved with. We love the fact StreetVelodrome gives the everyday athlete a chance to try their hand at something that is usually reserved for the pros, just as we aim to do with the sports kit we feature on the site. Check out our Cycling Shop to top up your cycling wardrobe and ride like pro.