Team #MyPursuit – Our Goals for the Year

One of the best things about life at SportPursuit HQ is sharing inspiration, advice and sometimes just unfiltered enthusiasm for the sports we love with everyone in our community. In every department across the office our team are passionate about their pursuits, whether they are seasoned competitors or just enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

We know every one of our members has their own goals and stories, with so many great moments shared on social with our #MyPursuit tag. To give you a glimpse of how our team in London get involved in their favourite sports, we’ll be following a group of SportPursuit employees as they aim for new challenges and goals this year. It’s a small selection of the awesome team we have and the passions and pursuits we love, but it’s our chance to champion people in every sport, every ability, and every ambition. Meet Team #MyPursuit!

Melanie (Merchandising)

My goal: run my first marathon – the Edinburgh Marathon.

Hardest challenge to overcome: Sore legs, the struggle between cold mornings vs. a warm bed and the little voice in your head saying you can’t do it.

My inspiration: I’ve run several half marathons and the thought of running a marathon has always been there, but I’ve just never seen myself as a marathon runner and didn’t believe enough in me that I could do it. I always wanted to do one though, but the fear of failing was holding me back. Then we had a lunchtime talk from Ash Garratt in the SportPursuit office, whose speech really motivated me! His words about how one should challange their limits and prove the little annoying voice inside your head wrong made me take the last step towards getting a ticket for the Edinburgh Marathon! I want to prove to myself that I can do this.

Will (Marketing)

My goal: I’ve just completed my first Ironman in New Zealand, so I’m pushing my triathlon performance with the Slateman Triathlon.

Hardest challenge to overcome: I have always done team sports, but the Ironman and triathlons are just about my own mental strength.

My inspiration: I needed a new challenge after 10 years of rowing competitively, and my brother joked that I should do an Ironman over dinner one evening! I’m used to a heavy training schedule with lots of early mornings and that has helped to transition to triathlon and have time to train the three separate disciplines.

Gurjot (HR)

My goal: to lose weight and tone up.

Hardest challenge to overcome: patience and not reaching for the extra biscuits in the SportPursuit office!

My inspiration: Last few years my weight has been a yo-yo. When I would lose weight, I would lose it in an unhealthy way and when I would put on weight it would be in an unhealthy way. However this time round I have decided to get myself a coach who will plan out my meals, exercises accordingly and coach me through the next few months. I am learning that the whole weight loss/toning up business is a process and doesn’t just happen over night!

Ben B (Customer Service)

My goal: the Manaslu Circuit trek in Nepal – a classic but challenging 15-day trek in the Himalaya.

Hardest challenge to overcome: Avoiding hypoxia is definitely at the top of my list, I’ll top out at around 5400m which make breathing pretty difficult. The weather itself can also be really unpredictable so battling the elements could very well prove the biggest challenge as you’re very much at the mercy of mother nature.

My inspiration: Nepal has always been the go to place for an avid hiker. My friend completed the trail last year and said it was the most beautiful and exhilarating trip ever so I had to experience this firsthand. I was looking for a new challenge after the GR20 last year – living in the big smoke an annual trip off the beaten track really keeps me sane.

Bethan (Finance)

My goal: running the South West Coast path (630 miles of challenging terrain with over 35km total ascent)

Hardest challenge to overcome: Avoiding injury, keeping my feet intact, keeping going when you’ve run 140 trail miles in the last week and you’re staring down the barrel of another 500 before you get to stop!

My inspiration: I read a book about running the length of New Zealand, which sounded amazing! So I googled top 10 trails in the world and the South West Coast Path came up. As a keen sailor the thought of following the coastline and seeing a new perspective on the sea for a long time really appeals, so I thought I’d give it a crack!

Jen (Production)

My goal: the Transcontinental Race – a self-supported cycling race across Europe.

Hardest challenge to overcome: The mental and physical challenge – distance, lack of sleep, terrain, climbing, altitude, 16+ straight days of just me and my own mind… but mainly, the packs of wild dogs.

My inspiration: I’ve always enjoyed big bike rides but found that they were becoming less of a challenge. My cycling heroine Emily Chappell undertook a challenge called the Transcontinental Race and it the idea of attempting something similar myself never really left my mind. It’s the first thing I’ve aimed for that I am not sure I can actually complete, which makes it different and more of a challenge than anything else I have ever done.

Federico (Tech)

My goal: my first marathon – Brighton.

Hardest challenge to overcome: Do not hit the wall! I’m scared of the wall and of the injuries.

My inspiration: I wanted to test myself and see how far I could go. I’ve been inspired by a friend, Fulvio Pannese, who was last year’s Italian Champion in the Spartan Circuit (in his age group). He’s always there for suggestions and support when I need him and he’s a great athlete.

Ben O (Customer Service)

My goal: my first triathlon!

Hardest challenge to overcome: Most definitely the swim, and the whole transition thing…. and getting in and out of the wetsuit…. there’s a lot of unknowns!

My inspiration: I used to cycle competitively, I’m running a marathon in April and I’m really not a very good swimmer… so I thought a Triathlon would be a great chance to combine the three elements!

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