Team #MyPursuit May Update

It’s been a busy month in SportPursuit HQ as the summer ramps up and our big #MyPursuit goals get closer. Read on for the latest updates from the team!

Will (Marketing)

#MyPursuit goal: the Legend distance at Slateman Triathlon.

Finally made it to race day with some good quality training at the start of May and a great race weekend. A spectacular course through the Welsh mountains. Some good climbs on the bike which really took took it out of the legs before a very challenging but rewarding run through the quarry and round the lake.

Will from SportPursuit on the bike leg of the Slateman Triathlon
Enjoying very Welsh conditions coming over Pen-Y-Pass on the bike leg.
Event photos credit to SportPicturesCymryu

Will has also written a great blog piece on essential kit for your first triathlon so you can be prepped for your event. His favourite pieces of gear this time round were the Aqua Sphere Racer Wetsuit and Hoka One One Mach running shoes.

If you want to know more about the event you can read a full race report and learn about Always Aim High Events.

Jen (Production)

#MyPursuit goal: the Transcontinental Race – a self-supported cycling race across Europe.

Enjoying the milder weather and getting in some (not enough) miles on my new (secondhand) bike. Think I have found THE ONE to do the race on, but will need some tweaks – shorter stem, shorter cranks, an engine…

I’ve been struggling to fit in as much training as I would like due to numerous factors (mainly moving house), and I’m worried about how under-prepared I am going to be. My current goal is to accomplish a 200km+ ride without feeling completely spent. I think forcing myself to eat more on the bike might be the trick! Though the problem might be that at the moment my favourite thing is a snickers.. #notpro

Ben B (Customer Service)

#MyPursuit goal: the Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal.

Manaslu here we come! The last few weeks has been making sure I’m prepped for the big hike, and making sure I’m comfortable with all of my kit. I have been really impressed with the new HokaKaha boots which are my boot of choice for this trip: really lightweight, comfortable and sturdy! My biggest piece of comfort kit is an Odloinsulated neon cocoon jacket – perfect for keeping warm when having breaks or sitting out under the stars!

Arriving in Kathmandu before the start of the big Manaslu trip!

Melanie (Merchandising)

MyPursuit goal: my first marathon, the Edinburgh Marathon.

So, I did my longest run ever last Saturday – 32km. It was suuuch a long run and it took me under 3 hours. Thank God, I had a lot of Michael Jacksob, Wham! and Rick Astley on my running playlist to keep me company. The marathon is this weekend so I’m all in the tapering zone and cutting down on those crazy-long runs. I’m getting more and more nervous, but also really excited!

I’ve been making sure to stretch and recover after the long training runs so I stay fresh for the marathon!
Training here in Hoka Clifton 5.

The last few weeks I have been running in the Hoka Clifton 5 – the extra cushioning makes them perfect for longer sessions and they are so comfy! It feels like running on clouds and my feet approve!

Cover image credit to SportPicturesCymru.

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