Team #MyPursuit – April Update

With the worst of Winter behind us Team #MyPursuit have been pushing on with their goals for 2019, making the most of longer hours of daylight and warmer Spring training! Read on to hear what we’ve been up to and what’s ahead – a month of marathons, testing new kit, and trying to avoid injuries!

Federico (Tech)

#MyPursuit goal: my first marathon.

It’s the final 2 weeks of training before the Brighton Marathon! Finally doing some tapering after weeks of long runs. A small injury on my Achilles seems to have subsided and the marathon pace has been decided. My race kit is now sorted out, still trying to decide to bring a hydration backpack or not. I’m so pumped up that I cannot wait to hit the road in Brighton!

Will (Marketing)

#MyPursuit goal: Ironman New Zealand, followed by the Slateman Triathlon.

Slowly starting to build the training back up after some well needed rest after Ironman New Zealand – an amazing race.

With my first challenge completed I’m building up training to make sure I can aim for a strong time at the SportPursuit Slateman Triathlon. Soon it will be back to the water, testing out a new Aqua Sphere wetsuit and some training tools to work on my swim speed.

Gurjot (HR)

#MyPursuit goal: to lose weight and tone up.

7 weeks in training and I have lost 5 inches from my waist and have gained more definition on my arms and legs! I’ve got 5 weeks left of my training plan so excited to see what other changes I’ll be making. For HIIT sessions I’ve been testing some great new lightweight training kit from Odlo – the Ceramicool technology keeps me cool even with a high-intensity workout.

Bethan (Finance)

#MyPursuit goal: running the South West Coast Path

As someone who usually (arrogantly) claims to be injury proof, I over-trained a few months ago and gave myself the dreaded “runners knee”. I’ve carefully reviewed my options – maybe wind back the training, do lots of prehab and physio, or just keep running and hope it will go away. The last option is the most fun, so that’s the one I’ve gone for at the moment.

Pure trail jogging loveliness on the Isle of Wight

This week the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ tactic paid dividends with a cracking 2.5 hour run along the north coast of the Isle of Wight. The birds were singing, the boats were boating, the sea was every colour of blue you could imagine and the clouds looked like they do at the start of The Simpsons. We’ll see how that knee gets on as I ramp up the training this month…

Ben B (Customer Service)

#MyPursuit goal: the Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal.

Currently project Manaslu has been taken over by Paris Marathon prep. Last of the few long runs done and the taper has begun. Next week will consists of copious amounts of pasta and beetroot juice. Two weeks until I can get out to the mountains for some hikes.

Ben O (Customer Service)

#MyPursuit goal: Paris marathon and my first triathlon later this year.

My training has started to slowly taper in preparation for the Paris Marathon on Sunday 14th. I’ve just been sent my Bib Number and the Race Day information, so things are starting to feel real, and the nerves are creeping in…. I guess it’s just a case of trusting all of the training I’ve done so far! 

I’ve been really enjoying some new Odlo Zeroweight gear for recovery runs and stretching – very lightweight and cool, and they’ll definitely come in handy for warmer weather training for the Snowman Triathlon later this year.

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