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Every order made on 12th-13th October will plant 5 trees!
Will you help us plant a forest?

To hit our next tree-planting target, we’re giving SportPursuit members the chance to plant a forest while ticking off your wishlist. Look out for the special “Buy One, Get Five Trees” emails on the weekend of 12th-13th October and your order can plant five trees.

Why sustainability is important to us

For those that love the outdoors, our planet is a remarkable natural playground. From mountains to oceans, lush forests and parched deserts, the world provides such amazing environments to run, ride, climb, hike, ski, surf, and so much more.

At SportPursuit we know we are lucky to have this space for so many of our pursuits. We also know that to continue to pursue these passions we have to take responsibility for our part in protecting our planet. We’ve been learning from organisations like Protect Our Winters how we can take action as individuals and improve our impact as a business. In 2019 our aims are:

Help our customers learn about sustainable brands and behaviours to make the best choices they can.

Educate ourselves about the impact our business operations and London HQ have on the environment and how we can reduce these impacts.

Plant 100,000 trees by the end of the year with the help of our amazing community of members and partners!

Find out how planting trees can help tackle climate change.

Our progress so far

September 2019: Let’s Grow Together!
Everyone in the SportPursuit community can now help us plant trees by sharing our story with their friends. Every time you refer a friend to SportPursuit, we will plant two trees! Plus, if they choose to make a purchase, we’ll top that up with two more trees and you’ll get £5 SportPursuit credit as well.

May 2019: Partnering with Protect our Winters UK
We’re thrilled to be working with POW UK to help educate ourselves and the SportPursuit community about climate change and how we can Take Action. Throughout the year we will be sharing stories and knowledge from POW UK covering different themes.

January 2019: Reducing the impact of SportPursuit HQ
We’ve been working on a number of areas to improve how our London HQ manages waste and energy. New recycling and food waste facilities, bulk-buying office supplies, and auditing our power requirements (supplied on a renewable tariff).

Christmas 2018: 10,000 trees planted with Size of Wales
As well as planting 10 trees for every order placed on Christmas Eve, SportPursuit’s London HQ held a charity bake-off event with all proceeds helping to hit the final goal of 10,000 trees planted.

Summer 2018: transition to sugarcane-based postage bags
After extensive research and testing we decided to switch our postage bags to a biopolymer solution – a plastic made from sugarcane. We were the first online retailer to do this to reduce the fossil fuels used to produce our packaging, and we continue to investigate recycled and other packaging solutions.

Alongside individual actions we will continue to learn, change and improve:

  • Making changes to our individual lifestyles to take action against climate change, and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Reducing waste and energy usage at our London HQ and creating a culture that supports positive choices like cycling to work.
  • Auditing and improving how we work with partners, packaging and logistics to make a difference.
  • Supporting and sharing causes that we care about, like our Christmas campaign with Size of Wales and ongoing partnership with Protect Our Winters UK.

Do you have ideas about how we could be more sustainable? Let us know in the comments below or give us a thumbs up – we are always learning!


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