SportPursuit Pledge Ledge Victory!

We’d like to wish congratulations to Paul Smith, the official winner of the 2012 SportPursuit Pledge Ledge. Paul has pledged to run 12 half/full marathons this year, culminating in the ‘Thunder Run’ – a 24 hour running challenge – and came out tops with 507 votes. Paul’s enthusiasm towards his personal challenge and the competition meant that we are pleased to donate £100 to his charity When You Wish Upon A Star.



Paul was up against some stiff competition, with the runner’s up not being far behind. For their efforts we’ve also donated £100 to each of their charities. If you would like to make a contribution to their worthy causes, you can follow the links below. We know each of them would appreciate any contribution immensely.

Sarah is fundraising Macmillan Cancer Support

Garry is fundraising for the British Lung Foundation

Rupert is fundraising for Vanessa Riddle who has Neuroblastoma Cancer

Zac is fundraising for Water Aid

The Pledge Ledge competition may be finished, however the challenges are only just beginning! We’ll be following the winners progress as they strive toward their individual finish lines. We’ve invited to each of them to blog about their experience and pleased to announce they will be sharing their journeys through guest blog posts on our site. Stay tuned for updates here!