We Are Planting 10,000 Trees


As part of our Christmas Eve campaign with Size of Wales the SportPursuit community successfully raised enough money to plant 10,000 trees. We’d like to thank all our members who contributed to this fantastic goal, as well as the whole team in SportPursuit HQ. We are proud to be taking steps to reduce our impact on the great outdoors, where so many of our pursuits take place, and inspiring others to do the same.

As well as planting 10 trees for every order placed on Christmas Eve, SportPursuit’s London HQ held a charity bake-off event with all proceeds helping to hit the final goal of 10,000 trees planted.

Read about Size of Wales and our 2018 Christmas campaign below.

Originally posted 21st December 2018: A Christmas tree can be a wonderful symbol of winter festivities, a fun moment of family bonding that brings joy to your home, and even a beacon of motivation in the last stretch of that Christmas Day training run. Unfortunately, this also means a large number of trees being cut down and thrown away every year: around 50 million trees each Christmas across Europe. 

We decided to give something back this Christmas and have teamed up with the charity ‘Size of Wales‘ to support the replanting of trees during this festive time. This way we can all enjoy a beautifully decorated tree this Christmas, knowing that we are taking care of the fantastic natural playground that we rely on for so many of our sports and activities. 

A new tree seedling planted by Size of Wales as part of their Mbale Trees Programme, Uganda

About Size of Wales

‘An area the size of Wales’ is frequently used to measure the rate of forest destruction. The charity Size of Wales (registered charity number 1143178), is turning this statistic on its head and aiming to protect 4 million hectares of tropical forest (twice the size of Wales!).

Through raising awareness and funds for this cause, Size of Wales support projects to protect the wonderful natural areas of forest across the world. One such project is focused on the Mbale region of Uganda and aims to plant 10 million trees to improve the livelihoods of everyday people and the sustainability of this region that has been badly affected by deforestation.

How We Can Help

At SportPursuit we love the outdoors, and all the wonderful places it provides for enjoying our passion for sport, activity and adventure. That’s why we’ve decided to team up with Size of Wales to help hit their target of planting 10 million trees and their ongoing work protecting the world’s forests. For every order on Christmas Eve SportPursuit will plant 10 trees with the help of Size of Wales.

For every order placed on 24th December 2018, £3 will be donated to Size of Wales (registered charity number 1143178) to plant 10 trees in an area of Uganda badly affected by deforestation.

All you have to do is shop on Christmas Eve, and help us make a difference by planting new trees with Size of Wales. 

Our Mission

At SportPursuit we love great gear. We love the way it feels, the way it fits, the way it always does the job and, perhaps sometimes, the way it makes you look the part. We also believe the best kit should be available to anyone who is active – no matter what level. So our mission is to connect you to the kit you’ll fall in love with. 

We also love the freedom of the outdoors, the purity of escaping, discovering, not thinking, just experiencing. This is where we train, play and push our limits, enjoying the sports and activities that drive our passion. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the natural world, make positive changes, and encourage others to do the same.

Find out more about Size of Wales and the amazing projects they support here