reGAIN app – recycle old kit for new discounts

We all have that drawer of old kit that never gets worn. Shorts with worn out elastic, socks with more holes than you can count, technical t-shirts that have seen better days. That’s why we’ve partnered with reGAIN, a new app that rewards you for recycling old clothes.

We love new kit. We love the way it feels, the way it fits, the way it always does the job and, perhaps sometimes, the way it makes you look the part. But there is also all the old kit that has served its time. If you’re not careful all of those worn-out clothes just sit around taking up space in your wardrobe or adding to the enormous volume of clothes and textiles going to landfill.

reGAIN is a new app that provides an easy solution: recycle your old clothes with their easy drop-off points, and gain access to awesome discount offers with their partners (including your favourite gear on SportPursuit).  Check out how it works:


SportPursuit are excited to be working with reGAIN to encourage more people to think about what they do with their old clothes. We are committed to our mission to make the best kit accessible to anyone who is active – no matter what level they are. We also hope that by connecting people with gear they love we can help them to live sustainably and have a positive impact on their lives and the environment. Learn more about reGAIN app here.

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