#NewPursuits – Ministry of Sound Fitness

January is when everyone’s fitness goals suddenly get serious. You’re stuffed from Christmas turkey and New Year’s nibbles, and the start of the year focuses your mind on everything you want to achieve in the next 12 months. But to help stick to those resolutions it is key to stay interested, excited and motivated by the training you set yourself. 

Lucky for you, the SportPursuit team have been testing exciting new activities and classes through the winter period to keep pushing our performance and training. From holistic mind and body yoga to a circuits class mixed with indoor climbinga workout on skis to a high-energy spinning class, we though we had seen it all. And then we found Ministry of Sound Fitness.

Atmospheric lighting and the latest cutting-edge equipment give these railway-arch studios an intense ambience, but the electric energy of their coaches and fellow class members channels the more well-known side of Ministry of Sound. As you’d expect, the soundtrack is on point and the beats push you through from start to finish. Here’s how the SportPursuit team fared with some of the signature classes at Ministry of Sound Fitness.


Ministry of Sound say:

Want a strong, LEAN and powerful body? Well then you better get lifting!

Whatever your goal or fitness level – this is for ALL.

We say:

The perfect opportunity to work on strength and conditioning, feeling safe and completely without judgement. Laura gave us lots of guidance to make sure that technique was on point but also that we were pushing ourselves to max capacity. Really tough, definitely worth it.

Amy (Finance) and Magda (Outdoor)
SportPursuit HQ getting pumped: Amy and Magda with Lifted instructor Laura

HIIT – Rachel (Performance & Nutrition)

Ministry of Sound say: 

Wanna be a mean-LEAN fat BURNING machine?
We bring you HIIT…aka high intensity interval training. A full body workout to get your heart pumping. With maximum calorie burn, fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning.

We say:

A fun, intense and energy packed session at MoF. Instructor was great at keeping everyone going and pushing us to the end! Good mix of exercises, with plenty of variation to work the whole body.

Rachel (Performance & Nutrition)

Check out the weekly timetable to see times for HIIT. 


Ministry of Sound say:

Wanna work harder for longer? THIS is the training you need.
Increase your stamina, work your CV system, get that INSANE endorphin rush, and momentarily lose your mind to a tidal wave of drum n bass.

We say:

A wild and beasty session: such a good burn and the two coaches turned the session into a party. Good music, good exercises – so keen go back again!

Melanie (Performance), Charlie (Merchandising) and Sam (Snowsports)

Check out the weekly timetable to see times for Endurance. 

If you’re inspired to take on your own #NewPursuits at Ministry of Sound Fitness, they are running a special intro offer for newbies: only £39 for 4 classes! The offer is running for January, so move quick and buy packages now.