#NewPursuits – Fit-Ski at Chelski

This winter the SportPursuit Team are taking on a series of #NewPursuits around our London HQ. New activities, fitness classes, and exercises to keep us motivated and excited for winter training. For one of our sessions we  decided to take our workout to the slopes; specifically, the amazing  indoor ski slope at Chelski. The Chelski team run an amazing session called Fit-Ski that gives both skiers and non-skiers a challenging session to build strength, stability and endurance.

Beginning with a dynamic warm-up and exercises with resistance bands, the Fit-Ski class gets key muscles activated and ready to take on the the slopes. And you’re already in ski boots, to add to the challenge! Once your warm and ready to go it is time to clip in to your skis.

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The group from SportPursuit HQ were all keen skiers so this was a perfect way to focus on ski-specific movements and target muscles that may be under-used in other sports. All of the skiing exercises were also very accessible for people who haven’t spent much time on the slopes, making the session an exciting new way to keep fit through the winter.

Check out Fit-Ski online or follow Chelski on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to hear more news.

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