The Marmot24 Mountain Marathon: SportPursuit members get 20% off entry

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The inaugural Marmot24 is an exciting new addition to the burgeoning Mountain Marathon scene in the UK. Scheduled for the weekend 2nd-3rd August, it’s the first 24-hour non-stop mountain marathon in the UK, where competitors will endeavour to visit as many checkpoints as possible in a 24-hour window.

We’ve teamed up with Marmot to offer SportPursuit members 20% off race entry. Just click on banner below to head to the entry page and enter the code HGLX10 when prompted to receive your discount. Make sure you get in before the 30th June when the promo ends.

And in addition, all participants can get 10% off everything in our Marmot New Season Collection by entering the code MARM10 at checkout.

Piece1-v2 Piece2-v2

Our Marmot New Season Collection has loads of kit that will make you feel at home in the hills. Here’s a couple of race essentials we’ve selected that will ensure you’re prepared for anything the mountain throws at you:

Super Lightweight Marmot Nanowick Jacket

The ultra lightweight Nanowick Jacket in yellow or in grey packs into it’s own pocket so it’s the perfect piece of kit to throw into your rucksack to ensure you’re prepared for all weather conditions.


Marmot Kompressor Zip Pack – Hand held water bottle

The Marmot Kompressor Zip Pack is a extremely convenient way to keep hydrated on the go. It straps across your hand without dangling so you can always have your water at the ready and can conveniently refill your bottle at check points. It also has a compressible compartment that fits a phone or light jacket so you can use it for anything you need quick access to in the race.


Marmot Kompressor Backpack – 18L

Marmot Kompressor Backpack (or the Kompressor Plus Backpack if want a few more storage options) is an 18L backpack which is just about the right size you should be looking to use in this type of race. One of the most popular backpacks in the Marmot range, it has been continually improved making it one of the most versatile backpacks out there.


If you need more convincing, here’s just a few reasons why the Marmot24 should definitely be part of your race calendar:

Marmot24_Mountain Marathon_2

1. Advanced vs novice – something for everyone

If you’re new to the Mountain Marathon scene and want to find out whether its for you, there are also shorter 12 or 6 hour time limits that you can enter. Compared to Marmot’s other popular Mountain Marathon event, the Marmot Dark Mountains™ (MDM), which is deliberately extreme and targeted at experienced (and seemingly masochistic!) participants, the different lengths mean that the Marmot24 is suitable for a much broader range of abilities. The perfect time to try something new!

2. The race is based around a central hub of activity

Marmot24 will have a central event centre where all teams will start and finish and competitors can choose to pass through the event centre during the race.  This means the two-person teams can make the choice whether to rest, or eat, whilst the four-person teams can tag-in their team mates; swapping tired runners for fresh runners. The event centre will be a hub of activity with a large marquee, race control, retail shop, catering and camping for competitors and supporters.

3. Any excuse for awesome new kit

Everyone who enters the race can get 10% off everything in our Marmot New Season Collection by entering the code: MARM10

4. Team up: By 2 or by 4

Competitors must compete as pairs but can enter in teams of either two or four people. For the four person teams, this means that there is a huge tactical dimension to the race, as competitors must choose when to tag-in their teammates by returning to the event centre. Only two team members are allowed on the course at any one time.

The location of the event will be revealed on the 2nd June.

Head here to enter the event or check out our full Marmot New Season Collection 




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