Introducing the 401 USA 2020 Challenge

Earlier in the summer, SportPursuit HQ hosted runner and mental health campaigner Ben Smith to talk about his experiences overcoming personal difficulties with sport. Ben spoke passionately about how running took him from a very vulnerable and unhappy time in his life and helped him build confidence, gave him support and community, and helped him express his identity.

This remarkable journey became Ben’s inspiration for the 401 Challenge, in which he ran 401 marathons in as many days to raise awareness and funding for anti-bullying charities. We were so inspired by what Ben had achieved with his challenge and his commitment to sport and mental health that we had to hear what was next….

18,500 MILES IN 104 DAYS

Ben will run a marathon in each of the 50 US state capitals and then get on a bike and cycle between each one.


Starting in Maine on 13th March 2020 and ending in Hawaii on 24th June 2020, Ben and his team will raise £1 million for The 401 Foundation and The Youth Sport Trust

We’re proud to be supporting Ben for the 401 USA 2020 Challenge to help hit these amazing goals. We’ll be kitting him out with everything he needs to train and complete this impressive challenge, and spreading the word about the great work Ben is achieving. Follow the challenge on Facebook or Instagram and watch this space for the latest updates.

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