Introducing Neilson Active Holidays: relax as hard as you like

We’ve teamed up with Neilson Holidays to give you tips and advice on finding the perfect active holiday and enjoying new adventures. Neilson’s passion for lifestyle sports over the last 40 years has driven them to create an exciting range of summer and winter holidays for people who find the best way to relax is to switch off by doing something.

Everyone looks for unforgettable experiences these days, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on a Neilson holiday. You’ll have the freedom to try something from a huge range of inclusive activities in the mountains or by the coast, so it’ll be easy to do what you love or discover a whole new sport to fall in love with, all with expert coaching included, if you want it that is.

All of Neilson’s beachclubs and Mountain Collection hotels and ski chalets are run by their team of friendly experts, exclusively for Neilson guests. Whether you switch off by being active or prefer to take it easy with a glass of wine and a good book for company, their experienced team will be there for all of your holiday needs.

Throw into the mix some outstanding childcare and superb hospitality and you’ll find it’s easier than ever to ‘relax as hard as you like’…

A group ski trip is one of the many active holidays that Neilson can help with.
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We think you’d love the experience of a Neilson holiday, so why not take a look at their range of holidays.

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