Introducing Jenipher’s Coffi – Supported by SportPursuit

For a limited time only you can get free shipping on your SportPursuit order when you buy Jenipher’s Coffi – a Fairtrade coffee produced by farmers supported by our tree planting campaigns.

In order to help protect the outdoor environments we cherish so much, we’ve been working with Wales-based climate change charity Size of Wales since Christmas 2018. With their help the SportPursuit community has planted over 100,000 trees so far in global projects, including the Mbale Tree Planting Programme in Uganda. These trees contribute a positive impact to the environment and help tackle climate change, but also have a wide range of benefits for the local communities supported by these projects. For example, the trees distributed by the programme provide shade under which coffee plants can grow better and produce a better yield.

Jenipher’s Coffi is one of the amazing positive stories that we have heard as a result of tree planting efforts. Farmers who are members of the Mt Elgon Agroforestry Communities Cooperative Enterprise (MEACCE) have played a big role in the Mbale Tree Planting Programme supported by Size of Wales and Welsh Government. Planting trees has a wide range of benefits for the farmers and their community, including helping farmers to produce their coffee hand in hand with nature, and to increase its quality.

There are different ways of harvesting coffee, but the farmers producing Jenipher’s Coffi do it by hand. This way, they can pick only the ripe, red cherries, which is one of the many steps taken to make the coffee taste so good! View on Instagram.

About the coffee:

Tasting note – Sweet with hints of caramel

This coffee is brought to you directly from the Climate Change Coffee Partnership, who work directly with the farmers to source their coffee, to ensure improved livelihoods, and extend their ability to respond to the climate emergency.

Grown at 1700m above sea level by the farmers of MEACCE. Hand- roasted in Wales by Ferrari’s. Grown to organic standards and FAIRTRADE certified by the Fairtrade Foundation in the U.K.

Free Shipping Terms & Conditions

Jenipher’s Coffi Free Shipping Offer:

  • ‘Jenipher’s Ground Coffee (227g)’ or ‘Jenipher’s Whole Bean Coffee (227g)’ must be in the basket at checkout for offer to apply
  • UK shipping only
  • Single use per customer
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.