Father and 11 year old son cycling 2,650 miles around Britain

Our April member-of-the-month is Dwight Wood, SportPursuit member #459, 777.  Although not a self-proclaimed adventurer, Dwight’s attitude towards exploring the world is most definitely adventurous.   For his upcoming adventure, Dwight will be taking his 11-year-old son Lewis on a 2,650 mile coastal bike ride around Britain.  Want to be a part of their journey?  Time is ticking and Dwight and Lewis are looking for places to stay.  If you can lend a helping hand, check out their list of dates and places here!

Dwight’s previous adventures include riding a motorcycle from London to Singapore and back.  He repeated the feat again on two separate occasions, once by boat and once by car, taking his family along with him on the journeys. We caught up with Dwight to hear more about the ‘unusual summer holiday’ he will be sharing with his son and the adventures that have brought him to this point.

What is the aim of the summer bike ride?

We want to go round Britain and see all the great things that Great Britain has to offer.  We want to show people that you can go out of your door and just do it without the need for support vehicles or expensive equipment.  It’s also an opportunity to educate Lewis on the history of our country and teach him a thing or two about self-reliance.

How did you come up with this idea?

I pretty much just thought it would be an interesting thing to do.  We often travel far and wide to see things when in fact there’s a lot of great things to see on our doorstep.  There’s a lot of history here.  It will be interesting to explore sites of the industrial revolution and see where things were invented.

Do you have any worries about the upcoming ride?

The main concern for us is finding places to stay.  We will be stopping at approximately 50 places and we’re hoping to stay with locals in these places and get some local knowledge in the process.  If anybody is willing to put us up for the night, we would like to return the favour by offering you a place to stay in Leytonstone, East London when you’re in town.  Our website has a list of the places where we have managed to find places to stay and the ones where we’re still looking.

Other general concerns are things like keeping our budget within a reasonable amount and being prepared for unexpected breakdowns, crashes, weather.etc Hopefully, we won’t overpack our gear and will manage to keep things light.

The route

How will you be preparing for this ride?

Our general training includes some long distance bike rides, including a ride around Burnham-on-Crouch and its surroundings as well as a Carlisle to Newcastle one.  Other things that we will do to prepare is check that all our gear works and do our best to keep our gear as light as possible.

The Citroen that took Dwight & family from London to Singapore (and back!)


Can you tell us about some of your previous adventures?

When I was 22, I travelled overland on motorbike from London to Singapore and back.  That is where I guess it all began.  Years later, in 1990, I bought a catamaran shell, built it up and then sailed it to Singapore with my wife and three daughters.  The round-trip took around 9 months.  More recently, in 2008, I drove to Singapore accompanied by my son, one of my daughters and my partner in a banged-up Citroen that I bought for £300.  We travelled via Russia, China and Laos to Singapore.  For the leg back, we had to have the car shipped to India first and then we continued on our merry way back home.

With all these different ways that you have travelled, what is your favourite way to see the world?

Hopefully by bike, but I will have to get back to you on that!

Getting the Citroen cleaned in China


What’s your thought process when deciding on a challenge or adventure?

Not much of a process as I wouldn’t say I’m adventurous by nature.  I just see things and think ‘oh. that’s a good idea!’

What advice would you give to people who want to go on an adventure but perhaps feel restricted in some way?

My best advice is to say that you’re doing it and then get on with it.  It might take a bit of time to get everything together but generally, just stick to what you say.  The planning is generally harder than the actual doing.

Finally, what’s the next big adventure for you after this epic summer bike ride?

Honestly, these plans just tend to come up out of nowhere but I will probably hang up my bike after all those miles.  Maybe the next adventure will be retirement – the permanent holiday.


Dwight and Lewis will be on the road from approx 5th July to 3rd September.  You can follow along with their cycling adventure on their blog.  If you’re willing to put them up for a night, please get in touch with them.  Check out the towns + dates where they hope to stay here.  Also, if you want to join them for any leg of their bike ride, they would enjoy the company!

Interested in Dwight’s previous adventures with his family?  You can read all about their drive to Singapore from London (and back) here.

Are you an adventurer with a story to tell?  Get in touch with us and you just may be the next member of the month!