Blackbox Adventures: Behind the Scenes of our weekend with Steve McClure

Imagine the scene… you’re out for a weekend climbing, discovering new routes on the crags at Stanage Edge. The sun is shining, you’re hanging out with good friends, and your climbing is going really well. Now throw in a bunch of great Marmot kit for you to test (along with shoes and equipment from Edelrid and Red Chili), And did we mention, professional climber Steve McClure has joined the crew to help give you tips as well?

This was what went down at the Marmot + SportPursuit Climbing Camp-Out, where we teamed up with adventure specialists Blackbox Adventures to give SportPursuit members a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here’s how the Blackbox team made the magic happen.

Getting the crew together

Blackbox Adventures specialise in unique experiences that get you and your chosen band of adventurous mates out in the fresh air and exploring the unknown. With a usual trip, a group leader passes the key details to Blackbox; for everyone else in the group the specifics of the trip, the location, and the amazing experiences, are a mystery until they arrive!

For our Climbing Camp-Out with Marmot, we wanted to treat SportPursuit customers to a special experience that would keep this same sense of excitement and discovery, so we had to get the right crew together. The first person we turned to? Marmot athlete Steve McClure.

Marmot athlete Steve McClure demonstrating key techniques for trad climbing

Described by UKC as “one of the best rock climbers in the world“, Steve is also great fun out on the crag, and lives and breathes the world of climbing. Who better to show us the ropes out in the heart of British climbing country?

Bringing in instructors from Pure Outdoor meant that all abilities of climber would have support, as long as they arrived with enthusiasm and an excitement to get involved – the best approach for a Blackbox Adventure.

Focus on the details…

What separates great adventures from merely good ones? It’s the little things.

Knowing we had an amazing location at Stanage Edge and one of the world’s best climber ready to take our crew the next level, the Blackbox team tuned in to the smaller details that would make this quick weekend away a really special experience for all the members who came along.

Swapping stories over a good meal is part of the joy of a great adventure so after a big day on the crag we were joined by The Free Range Kitchen for some wood-fired feasting. Delicious local produce on a sizzling grill out in the fresh air – the perfect way to refuel.

Knowing that climbers can’t resist playing with great kit, a proper adventure toybox had to be part of the weekend as well. This wasn’t some high-street showroom, but a place to get hands on with the latest kit from Marmot and put it to the test the next day. And if you couldn’t wait until then? The indoor bouldering wall was ready for anyone wanting to play with Red Chili climbing shoes and Edelrid equipment.

Rock up and climb

When all you really want to do is escape the everyday with good friends having someone else looking after the details. That’s how Blackbox Adventures made our epic weekend come true. With an adventure in safe hands, the SportPursuit members could rest easy and enjoy the excitement of a truly unique weekend.

If this sounds like your idea of a good adventure, contact the Blackbox Adventures team for a trip of your own. They will scour the earth for an experience curated just for you… get excited!

All images credit to Dom Garton (@domgarton).

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