5 ways to enjoy adventure without leaving the house

Across the world, the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus is causing disruption to people’s lives. We hope everyone in the SportPursuit community (and beyond!) is safe and well, following government health advice, and working together to make the best of it. We are doing everything we can to keep our staff, customers and suppliers supported. You can still browse our latest sales now >

Restrictions on daily life are will make it difficult for many to enjoy their pursuit – the sport or activity that brings them joy. As people who love getting outdoors, playing sport, and sharing our pursuits with others, the team at SportPursuit are going to be feeling this impact as well. Here are a few of the ways we’ll be keeping the fun in life and staying sane.

Train at home

While solo runners and cyclists may joke they have been self isolating for years, other sports may not be as easy to access with widespread closures of facilities. Keep up to date with the latest government advice to make sure you are exercising sensibly – we’ll still be trying to enjoy the fresh air for as long as possible – and try at-home alternatives.

Turbo-trainers, treadmills or home gym equipment all make great options for staying fit and blowing off some steam at home. Even without specialist equipment or lots of spare space there are loads of online workouts you can try. Many are tailored to specific sports; skiers disappointed for the end of the season might enjoy our series of workout videos with Dave Ryding, Great Britain’s number one skier.

Kit prep

If you’re anything like us, often you feel too busy or too excited about the next adventure to spend time taking care of your kit. Make the most of the extra plan: sort out your gear stash and give well-used bits of kit a bit of TLC. Hopefully sometime soon you’ll be able to use it for that big adventure you had planned!

Some bits of gear care are pretty straightforward but make a huge difference – washing your insulated jacket and reproofing any waterproofs will keep them performing for much longer. It may even be time to reorganise seasonal kit – properly storing winter sports clothing and equipment – or to write a wish list of the latest gear you’d like to get next!


Let’s be honest, we could all take a bit better care of ourselves. When we are fitting in training hard around our regular lives it is all to easy to skimp on recovery time and line ourselves up for an injury in the future. Use this disruption to your schedule to build positive new habits and give your body some real attention.

Some gentle stretching or YouTube-guided yoga goes a long way to keeping your body happy and balanced, not to mention those exercises you promised the physio you would do every day (but never did). Spend some getting intimate with your foam roller and working out any niggles that have been building up (a tennis ball is a great DIY roller for specific spots). The added bonus? Most of these injury-prevention exercises can be done in front of the TV so they don’t even feel like a chore.

Get inspired

Adventure FOMO can be the worst (especially when we’re stuck in the office and you guys are all sharing awesome #MyPursuit stories). Luckily, most people are in the same boat as you now so you can indulge in some guilt-free inspiration bingeing.

Whatever adventure floats your boat, there’s something for you: podcasts, documentaries, articles, YouTube collections, forums, books, magazines and more. We’ll be sharing some of the things we’re enjoying; make sure you let us know your favourites as well!

Start planning

Don’t get too down in the dumps about the difficulties you’re going through now: stay optimistic for all the amazing adventures you will have in the future. Start planning that dream trip, your next set of climbs, or a training routine for when the marathon is rescheduled, and you’ll have a goal to aim for and something to look forward to.

Online tools are better than ever for helping you to plan activities – we like Fatmap for dreaming of the mountains or Strava heatmaps for scoping out new rides. Keep it social and plan with friends with video calls and group chats – soon you’ll all be adventuring together again!

From all of us at SportPursuit, we hope you’re staying safe and healthy and making the best of the moment. This too will pass, and soon you’ll be back out in the world enjoying your pursuits.