5 Tour de France podcasts to keep you up to speed

Know your peloton from your polka-dots, your time trial from your Tourmalet? The 2021 Tour de France kicks off on Saturday 26th June and all the cyclists at SportPursuit HQ are very excited to see who comes out wearing the yellow jersey. Every year brings fresh drama and the 2021 edition of Le Tour is sure deliver. If you need a hand keeping up to speed, check out these podcasts for expert analysis for every km of the race.

The Bradley Wiggins Show by Eurosport

Join Sir Brad, Graham Willgoss and special guests serving up analysis with Wiggo’s unique insight.

The Cycling Podcast + Rapha

Presented in association with Rapha by award-winning authors, journalists and publishers Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie, and Daniel Friebe, the Cycling Podcast gets inside the peloton and celebrates the iconic riders of the cycling.

The Move

Lance Armstrong’s cycling history may have its share of controversy but there is no denying his insight into the sport is second to none. Entertaining, incisive and in-depth analysis from Lance, co-presenters and special guests.

Life in the Peloton

If you’ve got all of your Tour-specific coverage but want a deeper dive into what life is like on the professional cycling circuit then this show from pro cyclist Mitchell Docker is perfect for you. Learn the ins and outs of the sport from a new perspective and enjoy the inside stories of life in the peloton.

Breakfast with Boz

Former World Tour cyclist Ian Boswell hosts an entertaining show that draws in topics from across the cycling world. Through 2021 much of the podcast has been focused on gravel biking but look out for the behind the scenes specials during the Tour

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  1. Robert valentine says:

    The cycling tips podcast is well worth a listen, they do a daily tour recap

    1. SportPursuit says:

      Thanks Robert, we’ll check it out!

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