10 Years of SportPursuit – thanks for coming on the adventure!

Unbeatable discounts. Hundreds of top brands. A community of over 8m sports enthusiasts, and too many epic adventures to count.

10 years since the first SportPursuit sale – it feels like quite a milestone. Together with all of our members, our brand partners, and every single person in the SportPursuit team we’ve built something really special.

We’ve spent the past ten years the best way we know: hunting high and low for great deals, building close relationships with brands from across the globe (global icons and small specialists), and constantly improving the shopping experience for our customers. More than just a journey, this has truly been an adventure.

Adventure, noun: an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

Adventures aren’t always easy, but we don’t mind a bit of Type 2 Fun. Everyone knows it from their own pursuits: put in the effort, push through the challenges, reach your goals. So while we celebrate our successes, we’ll also be remembering some of the unexpected adventures, diversions, and bumps in the road:

  • Trying to find new customers in our first year by flyering the transition area of a triathlon (and getting told off by the organisers).
  • Hand-delivering a pair of skis to a customer in London to make sure they made it in time for their holiday after a mistake from a courier.
  • Teaming up with Red Bull for a team HIIT circuits class and aching for a week afterwards.
SportPursuit founders and friends Victoria, Adam, Luke and Rhys

During all this time we’ve grown an amazing team of 100 people, helped thousands of members discover great kit, and planted over a quarter of a million trees. Everyone in SportPursuit HQ has played a part in getting to this point – it’s a true team effort. All of the brands who joined our adventure over the years have shared so much amazing kit with our community. We couldn’t be more grateful for their support. Most of all, a huge thanks to you, our members. Thanks for getting stuck in, for discovering great gear and loving it, for sharing all of your amazing stories with us.

This weekend, join us in celebrating the best of SportPursuit. Here’s to many more years of unbeatable deals and awesome adventures.