Take Action with Protect Our Winters UK – Part One

Protect Our Winters UK is a charity that exists to inspire and equip communities to take positive action to address the climate crisis.
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Protect Our Winters UK was founded in 2017 by a team of UK outdoor enthusiasts to mobilise the UK outdoor sports community. They work with athletes, creatives and outdoor sports groups to accelerate our transition to a carbon neutral society and reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints. We have learnt a lot from POW UK about our planet and the changes we face, and for a lot of people the first question is: “how can I take action?”

The POW Mountain is an easy guide to how you can build up your actions from small steps to more challenging things you can do to have a positive impact. We start with some specific examples of how you can make personal changes and encourage the same actions in others. Join POW UK and take action.

Green Run – You

There are many personal choices you can take to reduce your impact on the climate.

  • Transport – think about lower-carbon alternatives to driving and flying, from cycling on your commute to taking a train to the Alps for your next ski break.
  • Food – the carbon footprint on your diet can really add up, but it’s not too difficult to take some thought to eat more local produce, reduce your consumption of meat, and avoid wasting food.
  • Energy – reduce the amount of energy you use at home by switching off or reducing usage of appliances (like air-drying clothes instead of tumble drying), and switch your energy provider to a company that supplies electricity from renewable sources.
  • Shopping – purchase with purpose and look for brands who are taking steps to improve the impact of their production. Look out for our guide to sustainable outdoor and sports brands, coming soon!

Blue Run – Others

Influencing others to make positive changes is a great way to spread the knowledge you’ve gained from the Green Run.

  • Share knowledge through film screenings, passing on resources like the POW Mountain, or just talking about what changes you could make with your friends and colleagues.
  • Write to your MP – make your voice heard and add to the conversation about sustainability in local and national government.
  • Group up – organise local holidays, share rides to the mountains, or groups trips using more sustainable transport.

Next week we will share how you can up your game from micro to macro with a look at the Red and Black runs on the POW Mountain – Companies and Money.

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Cover Photo by Daniel Leone on Unsplash


  1. Eric says:

    As a direct result of the piece about the ski trains, buried though it was in the daily emails, my climbing partner and I are planning a trip to the Alps and will now take trains instead of driving there from the UK. Please make this more visible, and not just about skiing, but kudos for promoting it.

    1. SportPursuit says:

      Hi Eric, so great to hear you found that piece useful – thanks for the feedback! We have been learning so much from POW UK and completely agree that these pieces of advice are useful and important for everyone out there. We are definitely keen to take your feedback and get more of these pieces live, accessible and relevant for all of the SportPursuit community.

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