Kit care at home: 5 easy bits of gear maintenance

You depend on your gear for all sorts of adventures, so it makes sense to take care of it. Whether it’s a favourite waterproof or a pair of skis, all technical equipment needs a bit of attention to keep it functioning its best. The good news is many small maintenance tasks are straightforward and can be done with minimal expertise or equipment. So, if you’ve got some time on your hands, learn something new and give your kit a reward for all that hard work!

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Give your outdoor jackets some TLC

If you spend time outdoors the chances are you have a favourite waterproof and insulated jacket in your kit collection. When the weather is unpredictable or downright dreadful, these are the things you reach for to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Over time with use and dirt the waterproof membranes and insulation can get dirty and impact the performance of your jackets.

Specialist products like Grangers washing and protection make it easy to revive well-used gear. Follow our specific guides for cleaning down jackets or washing and reproofing waterproofs – all you need is the right washing product and a standard washing machine.

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Clean and maintain your bike

We love our bikes. We also ride them in all seasons, come rain or shine, from rapid road sessions to mucky afternoons on the trails. Get in the habit of a regular clean for your steed with something like Muc-Off and you’ll get better performance and less wear on your components. Plus, everyone knows riding a clean bike makes you faster…

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Service and store your skis

During the ski season a service can keep your skis or snowboard sliding smoothly and turning well on sharp edges. With a few basic pieces of kit like a scraper, ski wax and iron (it’s best to use a specialist waxing iron) you can easily learn how to give your skis a quick wax. there are also lots of video tutorials included detailed tuning videos if you’re ready to start servicing the edges of your skis.

If you’re at the end of your ski season for the winter, it’s even easier – just leave a thick layer of ski wax on the bases and edges to protect them in storage, and scrape off before you next hit the slopes!

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Wash and waterproof walking boots

Footwear gets a tough deal – stomping through puddles, scrambling over mountains, marching long miles of trail. Rather than them caked in dirt, give you walking boots a quick clean. If you need you can reproof your boots using a specialist cleaners to keep them waterproof and protected.

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Patch up tents, wetsuits and clothing

Wear and tear has an impact on all of your gear but often you can fix small amounts of damage yourself. Triathlon wetsuits, for example, can easily get small holes in the thin performance neoprene from fingernails or abrasion – patches or special glues are available to seal the affected area. The same goes for many outdoor fabrics including Gore-Tex and tent fabrics. In an emergency or for a quick fix, there’s always duct tape!

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Any kit maintenance tips that you couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover photo by Jeremias Radny on Unsplash.