Gear Guides: How to Clean and Care for Hiking Boots

Walking boots get put through their paces, often over rough and unforgiving terrain. We recommend giving your boots some much needed TLC from time to time, to ensure you get optimum performance from your boots for the longest amount of time possible.

A helpful video on caring for your hiking shoes or boots from Oboz

Here are six simple steps to follow:

  • Scrub clean

After a trip, take a moment to wash off any mud and grit you have accumulated with warm water and a semi-stiff brush. You should not use any form of detergent when cleaning!

  • Re-proof them regularly

Use Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof or a suitable substitute to treat your boots after every couple of wears, to keep them performing at their best.

  • Avoid softening uppers

Care should be taken to avoid over-softening the leather uppers of the boot. Try to avoid soaking the boots in warm water, and avoid using products that are intended to soften leather.

  • Absorb all moisture

If your boots get really wet, stuff them with newspaper or use a moisture absorber. This will help to remove moisture, and will prevent nasty odours from developing!

  • Dry carefully

Never place your boots next to a direct heat source, as this can cause the upper to crack. Allow them to dry naturally in a warm room or outdoors.

  • Check for wear

Occasionally check your soles for signs of wear. If you notice you are losing grip, you may want to have the sole replaced. If the boot uppers are damaged, this is likely to compromise their waterproofing, and it may be time to replace them. Check out the latest deals on hiking footwear now >

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